In-depth Look at Medical Marijuana in Workers’ Comp

Nationwide employers and insurers are struggling to grapple with the potential effects of medical marijuana in workers’ compensation. Not the least of these is the issue of legality. myMatrixx hosted a webinar on this topic on October 26th which took an in depth look at this topic and the impact it is having on workers’ compensation which is now available to download here. Additionally, our clinical team has authored a white paper on Navigating Medical Marijuana in Workers’ Compensation now available.

While on a federal level it is illegal to be in possession of marijuana under any circumstances, 17 states and the District of Columbia have made it legal to use marijuana for medical purposes and similar legislation is currently pending in another six states. Throughout the country, even in states that have legalized its use, federal law prevents doctors from prescribing marijuana. This conflict between state and federal laws raises any number of issues that directly affect the workers’ compensation industry and the workplace as a whole. Despite legalization, it remains to be seen what accommodations employers must make in those states in which medical use of marijuana is allowed. No states make it legal for an employee to use marijuana in the workplace or require an employer to allow its use on the job.

For an informative look at the impact medical marijuana is having on the workplace, click here to download the webinar and our latest white paper.